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Cryogenic. Cryogenic Related Technologies

Cryogenics is well known as the study of the production of very low temperature from 30 mili Kelvin to 298K which is view as room temperature.

Physicist and researcher would like to study the behaviour of materials at those temperatures. There are a few common techniques to reach this low temperature and cryogen such as liquid nitrogen and liquid helium is widely used. Liquid nitrogen is the most commonly used element in cryogenics and is legally purchasable around the world. Liquid helium is also commonly used and allows for the lowest attainable temperatures to be reached. With the current technologies, a cryogen free system is more commonly used due to the economical reason of handling it.

Frequently, researcher all around the world likes to know the physical properties of their material to understand better the construction of each element in the sample. In most of the cases, the sample will be exposure and reach to this low temperature by the fundamental law of Thermodynamic and other test will be carried out. This involves electrical study, mechanical study, optical study and etc.
Nanorian Technologies had experience in handling the equipment to make this application successful. We had installed several instrument using cryogen free technique, He liquefier, LN2 cryostat, LHe cryostat and etc. In some install based here in Malaysia, some of our system reach 2.3 Kelvin!!

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