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Compression fittings are used to connect lengths of copper or plastic tubing and pipes to one other or threaded components such as valves to form plumbing systems. They are simple to apply and remove, making them an excellent solution for pipes installed in limited locations that would be impossible to solder without risk of fire.

In addition to plumbing operations, industrial engineers employ these devices for gas installations and hydraulic equipment. Although compression fittings are generally intended for professional plumbing and engineering projects, they are also appropriate for a range of DIY applications, such as washbasin and shower unit pipes, because they do not require soldering or heat to install.

Compression fittings are so-called because they join pipes by compressing them together. These devices have a variety of alternative names, including:

  • Compression joints
  • Compression nuts
  • Compression¬†pipe fittings
  • Compression couplings
  • Compression type fittings
  • Plumbing compression fittings

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