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Spin Coater/ Spin Processor

ws300We deliver an outstanding brand in our local research community. Laurell is the world’s leading provider of spin coaters & spin processors, over 100 units installed in Malaysia.

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Cryogenic, Magnetic & Vacuum

Emerges as a true technology partners with respect to R&D industry. A visionary management team with more than 10 years’ experience come together for Nanorian Technologies, engineering customer expectation to a memorable years of research achievement.



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Mask Aligner System



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Recent Updates

Our aim is to educate our new researcher for some of the research. Here is our article archive that very interested to read.

Overview: Photolitography


The fabrication of an integrated circuit (IC) requires a variety of physical and chemical processes performed on a semiconductor (e.g., silicon) substrate. In general, the various processes used to make.. read more

The method: Photolitography


Contact and proximity lithography are the simplest methods of exposing a photoresist through a master pattern called a photomask (Figure above). Contact lithography offers high resolution (down to about the.. read more

Exposure: Photolitography


Another important aspect of photoresist exposure is the standing wave effect. Monochromatic light, when projected onto a wafer, strikes the photoresist surface over a range of angles, approximating plane waves… read more