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Gaussmeter. by Lake Shore Cryotonics Inc.

Lake Shore combined the technical advantages of digital signal processing with over a decade of experience in precision magnetic field measurements to produce the first commercial digital signal processor (DSP) based Hall effect gaussmeter, the Model 475. DSP technology creates a solid foundation for accurate, stable, and repeatable field measurement. The Model 475 is intended for the most demanding DC and AC applications.

Lakeshore also offer Model 460 3-channel Hall effect gaussmeter which is the best choice for applications requiring 3-axis measurements or 3 simultaneous single axis measurements. The Model 460 combines the performance of 3 Model 450 gaussmeters into one package, making it an excellent value for materials analysis and field mapping applications. The large vacuum fluorescent display shows readings for all 3 channels simultaneously as well as vector magnitude or differential readings. The full-function keypad provides easy access to measurement features

Model 475 Features

  • Full-scale ranges from 35 mG to 350 kG
  • DC measurement resolution to 0.02 mG
  • Basic DC accuracy of ±0.05%
  • DC to 50 kHz frequency range (probe-dependent)
  • 15 band-pass and 3 low-pass AC filters
  • Peak capture to 20 µs pulse widths
  • Data buffer sampling rates to 1000 rdg/s
  • Computer interface sampling rates to 100 new rdg/s
  • Integrated electromagnet field control algorithm
  • Specialized and custom probes available
  • CE mark certification



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