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ICP-RIE System. by LAT

Inductively Coupled Plasma RIE (ICP-RIE) is a device manufacturing etch technology that is commonly utilised in speciality semiconductor markets. This method is capable of combining chemical reactions as well as ion-induced etching. The ability to alter ion flux independently allows for significant process flexibility. Due to inductive interaction between the RF antenna and the plasma, the ICP source produces a high-density plasma. In the plasma generating zone, the antenna generates an alternating RF magnetic field and induces RF electric fields, which energise electrons that participate in the ionisation of gas molecules and atoms at low pressure. There is hardly little ion bombardment or wall erosion since there is no electric field near the reactor walls.

ICP-RIE System Features

  • System Composition: Process Module
  • Substrate Size: Max = 200 x 200mm, 1 set
  • Plasma Source: RF Power Supply

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