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Magnetic Cryogen Flow Probe Station. Electromagnet Horizontal Field Cryogenic Probe Station

The Model EMPX-HF is a versatile cryogenic electromagnet-based micro-manipulated probe station used for non-destructive testing of devices on full and partial wafers up to 25 mm (1 in) in diameter.

The EMPX-HF is a platform for measurement of magneto-transport, electrical, electro-optical, parametric, high Z, DC, RF, and microwave properties of materials and test devices. Nano-scale electronics, quantum wires and dots, semiconductors, superconductors, and spin-tronic devices are typical materials measured in an EMPX-HF. A wide selection of probes, cables, sample holders, and options makes it possible to configure the EMPX-HF to meet your specific measurement applications
Mounted on a vibration isolation table, the EMPX-HF is equipped with a 5.5 kOe (0.55 T) horizontal (in-plane) field electromagnet. The probe station provides efficient temperature operation and control with a continuous refrigeration system using either liquid helium or liquid nitrogen. Field dependent measurements at ambient temperature are possible without the use of cryogens. Liquid helium is only required for cooling the device under test (DUT) to below 80 K. Vapor-cooled shielding optimizes efficiency and intercepts blackbody radiation before it reaches the sample. A heater on the sample stage along with independent control of radiation shield heaters provides the probe station with fast thermal response


  • 5.5 kOe (0.55 T) horizontal (in-plane) field electromagnet
  • 360° sample stage rotation option
  • High stability operation from 3.2 K to 400 K
  • Measurements from DC to 67 GHz
  • Accommodates up to 25 mm (1 in) diameter wafers
  • Configurable with up to four thermally anchored micro-manipulated probe arms
  • Probe arms with 3-axis adjustments and ±5° theta planarization
  • Cables, shields, and guards minimize electrical noise and thermal radiation losses
  • Options and accessories for customization to specific research needs

EM Cryo Probe

si single electron

Fabrication of Si Single Electron Transistors having Double SiO2 Barriers, App. Phys. Let., Hiroshima Univ

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