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Cleanroom Equipment and Accessories.

Cleanrooms, often known as clean rooms, are chambers used in specialised research or production facilities to reduce contamination. There are numerous factors to consider while building a cleanroom in your lab or organisation. What are the minimum requirements for the room? What kinds of applications will the room have? What equipment will be necessary to accomplish the experiments, and what maintenance will be required?

Nanorian Technologies provided services for cleanroom equipment and accessories to achieve the best requirement and condition for cleanroom. There are some equipment and accessories that usually will be focused on constructing a cleanroom. These equipment are: –

  • Air Shower
  • Pass Boxes
  • Fan Filter Unit (FFU)
  • Cleanroom Walls
  • Cleanroom Windows
  • Cleanroom Raised Floor
  • Gray Area

Air Shower

Pass Boxes

Fan Filter Unit

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