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Sputtering Material.

Sputtering is a physical process in which a solid substance is vaporised by blasting it with ion energy. This is a commonly utilised procedure in the creation of thin films on materials, engraving processes, white material erosion, and analytical techniques. Sputtering is primarily induced by the exchange of momentum between the material’s atoms and ions as a result of collisions.

In sputtering, there are some materials used to execute the sputtering process which is sputtering target as one of the main consumables. 

Solid slabs of various sizes and forms are commonly used as sputtering targets. Pure metals, alloys, and compounds like as oxides and nitrides can be used as targets. The substrate is the object to be coated, and it might be anything from semiconductor wafers to solar cells to optical components. Coatings are typically between angstroms and microns in thickness; the thin film might be a single material or numerous components in a layered structure.

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