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Spin Coater. Spin Processor

Spin coating involves accurately dispensing a liquid, typically photoresist or other chemical, onto a flat substrate, then spinning to achieve a uniform, defect-free film.

The housing for this system is typically made from a solid co-polymer blend exclusive to Laurell Technologies which is able to resist solvents and strong acids and bases. A solid PTFE Hostaflon® TFM-1600 / Teflon® AF housing is available for high temperature chemistry and sub-micron particle studies. Laurell’s unique internal bowl design eliminates splash back, making it unnecessary to install “splash rings.”

The closed bowl design, coupled with the precision of the process controller, allows most coating materials to dry in a quiescent state, increasing uniformity and minimizing particle contamination. A proprietary labyrinth seal protects the motor and control electronics from chemical contamination. The system’s clear top is made from ECTFE, and only ECTFE-coated 316 stainless steel screws are used in some non-wetted areas throughout the system.
The 650-series process controller utilizes a robust microprocessor and with the use of its accompanying PC software (written in an object-oriented programming language) it achieves nearly unheard of flexibility both in process definition and use. This controller allows operator interaction in real-time during the process execution including pausing time, stopping and continuing on from that point. The system can and will be continually be updated easily and quickly in the field with downloadable firmware revisions.

Available Option :

  • Chucks and Adapters
  • Universal Dispenser
  • In-Deck Mounting
  • On-Deck Mounting
  • High Performance Drive up to 12000 RPM
  • Integrated variable Pneumatic Vacuum Generator
  • Exhaust and Drain
  • Back Side Rinse
  • Dynamic Linear Dispense
  • Rinse to Resistivity
  • Heated Process Cehmistry
  • Wafer Alignment Tool

Model Available:  WS-Series Spin Coater  EDC-Series Spin Coater