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Bench Top DI Water System.

DI water is water in which all of the ions have been eliminated. Ions are electrically charged particles that have a positive or negative charge. Many contaminants in water are dissolved salts, which are a form of ion. The ions are easily eliminated when water is run through the DI system, leaving clean, pure water. Water is filtered via two kinds of ion-exchange resin, which exchange positively and negatively charged particles for hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH-) ions. 

Since DI water does not leave mineral deposits and is devoid of corrosive salts, it has various industrial, and manufacturing uses in process cooling. Because of its extreme purity, it is utilised in ultra-sterile businesses like as pharmaceuticals to mix medications and clean lab equipment. It also has a very low electrical conductivity, making it perfect for usage in close proximity to electrical equipment. DI water is used to remove contaminants and waste material from sensitive equipment such as circuit boards, microelectronics, and Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM). 


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