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VSM. Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

A vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) operates on Faraday’s Law of Induction, which tells us that a changing magnetic field will produce an electric field.

This electric field can be measured and can tell us information about the changing magnetic field. A VSM is used to measure the magnetic behaviour of magnetic materials.

Backed and supported by over 40 years of expertise in measurement technologies, Lake Shore’s fully integrated vibrating sample magnetometers (VSM) are used to characterize the DC magnetic properties of materials as a function of magnetic field, temperature, and time. Available in three different variable gap electromagnet configurations providing fields up to 3.1 T, Lake Shore VSM systems are the most sensitive electromagnet-based VSMs commercially available and feature the broadest temperature range capability — 4.2 K to 1,273 K (-269 °C to 1000 °C). These systems measure a wide range of sample types, making them ideal tools for the most demanding materials research applications and quality control of magnetic materials. An assortment of options, including low temperature cryostats, a high temperature oven, a single stage variable temperature assembly, vector coils, autorotation, an MR probe, and a Helmholtz coil expand the functionality of Lake Shore VSM systems

The system features

  • 1 × 10-7 emu noise floor at 10 s/pt
  • 7.5 × 10-7 emu noise floor at 0.1 s/pt
  • High stability ±0.05% per day
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Fields to more than 3 T
  • Widest available temperature range from 4.2 K to 1,273 K
  • Vector, magneto-resistance, autorotation and Helmholtz coil options



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