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LPCVD System. Low Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition

LPCVD is a method utilised in the fabrication of thin coatings on semiconductors ranging in thickness from a few nanometers to many micrometres. LPCVD is used to deposit a wide variety of film compositions with excellent conformal step coverage. Polysilicon for gate contacts, thick oxides for isolation, doped oxides for global planarization, nitrides, and other dielectrics are among the materials employed in these films. LPCVD, like other types of CVD, is a process in which a gaseous species reacts on a solid surface or wafer, and the reaction generates a solid phase material. The four phases that must occur in every CVD procedure are the same. First, the gaseous species that are reacting must be transported to the surface. Second, the gaseous species must absorb into the wafer’s surface. Finally, the heterogeneous surface reaction generates reaction products. Finally, the surface must be cleared of gaseous reactants.

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