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CCP-RIE System.

Capacitively Coupled Plasma (CCP) is plasma that forms between two electrodes while reactive gases are introduced into the chamber. Because the electrodes form the parallel plates of a capacitor, the resultant plasma is known as a capacitively coupled plasma. One electrode receives RF power while the other is grounded. Ions are propelled from the plasma towards the energised electrode in this mode. The bias voltage is defined as the potential difference between the plasma and the powered electrode.

When the substrate is put on the powered electrode, it encounters the bias voltage, and the reactive ions and other reactive species from the plasma etch the substrate. The procedure that results is known as reactive ion etching. Because the voltage across the sheath is relatively low (less than around 50V) when the substrate is put on the grounded electrode, the reaction is mostly produced by reactive neutral species. This type of etching is known as plasma mode etching.

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