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Maskless Lithography System. uPG101 by Heidelburg

Maskless Lithography. This state-of-the-art, high-precision, highly flexible technology is ideal for use in both R&D as well as environments where rapid-prototyping of feature sizes greater than 1 µm are required. The maskless lithography technique allows you to bypass the long process of ordering a photomask and enables you to transfer the design directly to the wafer without the need for a photomask. 

Maskless lithography exposes the design directly into the substrate surface using a spatial light modulator, or SLM, which acts as a “dynamic photomask.” Just upload and convert your design file, and the maskless aligner will do the rest. As your pattern changes, just reload the design and do as many exposures as necessary in much less time than a typical mask-based approach would allow. 




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